Breed: Shepherd Terrier

Age: Young

Sex: F

Size: M
Serrano is the last remaining pup from Sully's litter, born near Valentine's Day. Serrano is a cute medium-sized dog with a very playful personality. She is a busy girl who is always looking for something to do, someone to play with, and something to check out! Unfortunately, this means she is laying down in most of her pictures - it's hard to get a good one when she's up! Serrano is fun-loving and happy. She has really turned out to be a "dog's dog" and really enjoys playing and wrestling with the other dogs. While she will not hesitate to initiate play, Serrano is much more of a follower than a leader. Serrano has been raised with a cat, and while she does poke at him, she understands when he wants her to leave him alone. She has a very happy-go-lucky personality, and Serrano is quite a silly girl. She still has a lot of "puppy" personality and is still learning. Serrano knows how to sit and is learning other commands in her foster home. She does pick-up on routine quickly, and is coming along with her housebreaking - but this area still needs work. Serrano is crate trained and should be crated when unattended to prevent her from getting into mischeif. She does chew and needs to be watched around cords. She loves balls, chews and toys and is happy to engage in play with anyone who is willing. She is very good about sharing toys with the other animals and is always happy to make a game of trying to see who can get the toy! Serrano is a little uncomfortable on open or narrow stairs. She is can be insecure with stairs and will refuse to go up if they are open. She pulls on leash when she is excited, and does best walking with another dog. She is great off leash and does come when called. Serrano is quite the social little butterfly and she is a dog that loves to play. She is a sensitive girl who is eager to please. This young girl would do best in an active home,. She is still learning and does need work in a few areas, but she is eager to please and would make a very loving companion! (Indoor Home Only!)
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