Breed: Shepherd

Age: Young

Sex: F

Size: L
Nakita has returned to rescue recently, through no fault of her own. She was adopted at four months of age, and has come back into rescue when her owners living circumstances changed. Nakita was always a shy puppy and she does not seem to have outgrown this too much. Nakita has excellent manners in the house, and she is food motivated and sits when motivated. She knows the word "walk" as well, and gets very excited when she gets to go for a stroll. Nakita is both housebroken and crate trained. She is good about having her nails done, and will even let you brush her teeth without much complaint! Nakita tends to make strange with new people, and is much more shy with men than she is with women. She also seems to be a bit unsure about people wearing hats or really anything on their head. She does get over this quickly, especially in the presence of another dog. Nakita has just gone into her foster home, and we were just amazed to she the instant change in her shy personality when she had a happy and social young dog to be her guide. It seems that seeing another dog being social and friendly brings that side of her out, and we believe Nakita would do best in a home with another dog. She would do so well with a dog that is social and playful, as she seems to really thrive on those characteristics in another dog. Nakita has a very playful and silly side, and is a very fun young girl, once she gets comfortable. Most of the pictures we took after she found her new friend in her foster home ended up blurry as the two did laps and played. Nakita is also good with cats but she does want to play with them from time to time. She jumps when noises catch her off guard from behind. Nakita is only recently back in rescue - she has just gone into her foster home and we are still learning about her. We will update her description wiht more information soon! (Indoor Home Only!)
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