Breed: Tortoiseshell

Age: Young

Sex: F

Size: M
Chantilly is feisty, frisky and full of fun! She is a mischevious girl who has as much character as she does color! Chantilly is a stunning tortoiseshelle with white markings that make her truly unique! She is a confident cat, and has shown confidence with the other cats and the dogs in her foster home. She will bat at the ears of the big dogs in her foster home - and even chase them if the mood strikes! She loves to play with the other cats in her foster home too, and quite enjoys the young male in her foster home. They cuddle up together and groom eachother too! Chantilly loves laps and will make herself at home the second she sees a lap become available. She's not just there to cuddle though! Chantilly loves to play and loves to stalk hands and pounce on toes when she sees them moving about. She has quite a playful side and is a cat that loves to be entertained. Chantilly is very food driven and has been known to be persistant when she wants to share! Her foster mom has found that she is best placed in another room during mealtimes, as she does tend to be a pest at dinner time. Chantilly is independant and entertaining too! She would love a home where she has lots to do and companion animals to enjoy! She's not your average bear... uh, er - cat - but she is full of character and fun, and would be a great choice for anyone looking for an interactive and affectionate cat! (Indoor Home Only!)
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