This is our kitten named Ralphy who needs a good home. We've had him since he was about 6 weeks and hate to have to give him up. We are soon moving and cannot take him along with us. He is very friendly and out going for a cat. If you were to come to our front door he would be nuzzling your leg even if he's never met you before. He always uses his litter box and is on a solid food diet. He loves attention but is fine to be left alone all day. We have put a lot of time into training him. He knows not to scratch furniture or speakers, doesn't bite wires, and plays well with people, other cats & dogs. He also knows his own name quite well and is in perfect health. He's had all the proper shots and has never been sick. He is not fixed yet but we would be willing to pay for it to get done. Please contact Andrew or Courtney via phone or email. We do have more photos but kijiji is having problems with there picture uploader.