Breed: Shepherd

Age: Adult

Sex: F

Size: L
Cairo is a loving and affectionate shepherd mix who has made her way back into rescue after being adopted for about three years. She was returned when her owners moved into the city. Cairo is a bright girl who is well trained. She is completely housebroken, and she understands how to sit, down and shake-a-paw. Cairo is a real people-dog. She adores humans, both big and small. Cairo is a loyal, loving and affectionate dog, who adores people of all ages. She loves a good scratch behind the ears, and would sit patiently for hours if someone would just pat her! Cairo is a fairly low-key dog most of the time, but she does enjoy a good run! She has spent the last few years living on an acreage where she was allowed to run free, and is excellent off leash! She has spent little time on leash the last few years and as a result, she pulls a fair bit when she is on leash. Cairo despite having a lot of freedom on the acerage she was living on, she has managed to put on a fair bit of weight. She is used to spending a fair bit of time outside but has always been allowed inside to sleep. She ignores livestock and would be a suitable dog for a farm. Cairo would be best suited to a home without other dogs. She can get along with other dogs, but is not trustworthy with other dogs around food and this has been a problem with homes with other dogs in a few situations. While we find Cairo is a bit overly interested in cats, her former owners tell us they had barn cats, and she didn't bother with them. Cairo is a real people dog, and she is very loving and affectionate with all people - and strangers too! She is very respectful of her people and has shown nothing but sweetness where humans are concerned. Cairo would be great for someone on an acerage or a farm, and would be happiest in a home where she could be the center of all of the love and affection of her people! (Indoor Home or Outdoor Home Acceptable!)
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